Nook Event Pods

Nook Event Pods provide multiple revenue generation opportunities for event organizers. Nook Event Pods easy set up and highly modular, mobile capability allow under utilized floor space to become profitable. Nook Event Pods provide new sponsorship opportunities to grow your customer base or as a bookable meeting space or a quiet interview pod, sheltering users from the surrounding hustle and bustle. Often arranged in ‘Nook villages’ or clusters, they provide structure to a space and valuable service to users, exhibitors and organizers alike.

​Nook Event Pods can be individually branded or can be used in a Nook Village to gain larger sponsorship revenues as well as generate additional dollars through hourly use fees to conference attendees on a per use basis. Nook Event Pods turn otherwise dead spaces (corridors, under stairs, hallways) into sophisticated workspaces that will differentiate your event.